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The Source
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  • Chanson: X Enemy
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Textes et Paroles de X Enemy

Don't forget your screaming needs
Drowned into your searing bliss
Take no time to cure your self
Make a foe out of your best
Make your stand till the end
I'm not real I'd better disappear
Trapped inside worse intents
Enemy rises inside your head
Made you fool act like a tool
Separate you know it's time to wake
You always feed the hunger right
It brings the power out of you
Although disgusting still it's fine
Worship the temple of all lies
Hallowed being choose to sin
Purged inside you have become the crime
Heal the wounds pure baptized
You are free restriction exorcised
Tempt the flesh tempt your mind
You don't need the one you left behind
Scared to breath still inhale
Enemy like poison through your veins
The sense of enemy appears
Abandoned clear minded state
Obey false abnormal crimes
Confusing state of inner pride
Like blinded child abuse
Nothing to loose
Reborn in darkened time
You know which nails to use
The beast rises within
You crave the taste of sin
Subnormal state of mind
Raw lifeless human kind

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