Paroles I Don't Hate The President de Tom Flannery

Tom Flannery
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  • Chanson: I Don't Hate The President
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Textes et Paroles de I Don't Hate The President

I don't hate Iraq
truth is I've never met her
she's got her problems same as me
I wish I could forget her
I don't hate the US
lived here all my days
watched her sons go off and die
so I could live my way

But I hate killing and I hate war
I hate MTV and company stores
I hate Haliburton I hate Saddam
I hate rubber bullets and the river Somme

I don't hate the president
truth is I never met him
never voted for him either
wish I could forget him
I don't hate money
worked awfully hard for mine
lay down my head and I can sleep
pass the night just fine

I hate hunger I hate disease
I hate to watch my child teased
I hate collateral damage and friendly fire
chemical weapons and my wife's ire

I don't hate oil
truth is I need it where I sit
but mixed with blood it leaves me cold
I wish I could forget it
I don't hate CEOs
they don't come around where I've been
they'd look kinda silly if they did
I wish I could forget 'em

I hate union busting and the moral perch
I hate the collection plate in church
I hate preachers they leave me cold
I hate teenagers and growing old

I don't hate the UN
truth is I've never been there
but I wouldn't mind sitting in
to find out what they do there
I don't hate Baghdad
truth is I've never been there
looks kinda pretty from here
with them fireworks in the air

I hate being told what to do
or what to think I'm telling you
I cried the day the towers fell
but all you heard was the closing bell

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