Paroles Homebrew de Toxic Narcotic

Toxic Narcotic
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  • Chanson: Homebrew
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Textes et Paroles de Homebrew

Corperate Beer that tastes like shit,
profit as they sell you piss
doesn't cost that much at all
to sit at home and brew your own

I want homebrew!
Cider lager stout & ale
have a pint, it's not for sale
pride in what you made from scratch
sucking back a fresh brewed batch
I want home brew!

Buying corperate beer is like buying corperate rock
production for consumption that will never stop
we brew it thick and rich, because we're thin & poor
support the independant when we buy it at a store

[Chorus] (..i belive)

Homebrew music
homebrew beer
DIY for life, the situation's clear
to everybody down, i raise my glass & cheer and have another drink of that homebrewed beer

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