Paroles The Beginning de Transcending Bizarre?

Transcending Bizarre?
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  • Chanson: The Beginning
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Textes et Paroles de The Beginning

A new vibration is born
In the ocean of void
An infant burst into tears
He knows his future drama

A miracle , a wonder
No one has seen before
This cocoon carries sadly,
the bearer of bad news
A miracle, a wonder
No one has seen before…

"God is a fairytale
Where humans fail and evil prevails
Your wisdom soon will spread
As you cross the land
Cause you are divine"

In a blink of the cosmic eye
The earth was meant to change
All life is futile now
but will be meaningful soon
Infant Descarte is harmless
His will is clandestine

"God is a fairytale
Where humans fail and evil prevails
Your wisdom soon will spread
As you cross the land
Cause you are divine"

Thousand years had passed since the Great Bang
Minds on Earth were stale and miserable
In the spiritual field no progress had been made
But DNA evolves and seeks revenge

Thousand years have passed
And DNA seeks revenge

"Who am I
what is this?
Am I the same with all things?
I have some limbs, saliva,
Some eyes (that) can see around
I'm not the same with this
I am supreme, divine
We are seemingly all humans
just wait and you will see
Just wait and you will suffer"

As soon as his 'I' came into being
He realised his oddness
The earth puppets thought that they were free
But he knew he was nothing more than nothing
The key is to know one's self
And he already knew more by comprehending his nothingness

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