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Uptown Stomp
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  • Artiste: Uptown Stomp38469
  • Chanson: Makers Or Fakers
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Textes et Paroles de Makers Or Fakers

she paints her nails, and washes her face
she doesn't know what she's doing in this place,
and she'll never find out.
she puts on her shoes, and locks the door,
goes down to the liquor store,
and for her, it's just another day.
she doesn't know why she's living this way,
drugs make it a brighter day,
but they're bringing her down.
she gets whatever she wants, she gets whatever she needs,
she says it hurts inside when her heart bleeds.

there's no time to waste,
no time to procrastinate,
imitate or innovate,
don't let life pass you by.

she says the moon don't shine,
and it's made of alkaline,
it's all a purple haze.
she takes another sip, she takes another hit,
she says she's tired of all this shit,
and she's ready to die.
she says she knows the answers and has no regrets,
she eventually smiles, but that's as good as it gets.
she gets whatever she wants, she gets whatever she needs,
she says it hurts inside when her heart bleeds.

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