Paroles Evocation Of The Satanic Ascendancy de Urgehal

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  • Artiste: Urgehal6312
  • Chanson: Evocation Of The Satanic Ascendancy
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Textes et Paroles de Evocation Of The Satanic Ascendancy

Almighty satan, swallow my soul
So that I may become one
With thee

Embrace my nocturnal heart
Enlight my visions with thy horch
Of wisdom

Unholy ruler of this mortal world
Grant me the power to slay the angels
Of piety

For I am thy soldier, thy deciple of sin
Lead my way against the sheeps

Behold the rise of the satanic ascendancy

Jehova, we'll slay you and your kin at Armageddon
We await this day for we are the demonic storm
That shall extinguish your treacherous sin
Victory is ours

Our satanic milleinium shall rise from the ashes of the holy
And proud shall we walk a perpetual, dechristianized ground
Manifest, king of jews, so that I may drown in the lake of fire
I'll burn your crucifix as I kiss the true cross of blasphemy

Fallen angel, Satan, arise like the infernal king
Thou are ascend thy throne upon the crest of christian corpses
Unlock the seven gates, bathe the world in thy unearthly light
We await thy command, lead us into the final war

The impotent god shall perish with the pearly gates
Behold the rise of the satanic ascendancy!

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