Paroles Turbulence At 50,000 Feet de Veda Skyes

Veda Skyes
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  • Artiste: Veda Skyes38715
  • Chanson: Turbulence At 50,000 Feet
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Textes et Paroles de Turbulence At 50,000 Feet

Intro: I'll hold your hand and hope for the best knowing if my plane crashed down I'de bring you down. I'de bring you down...

Verse: I'll hold your hand and hope for the best (I'll hold your hand) knowing if my plane crashed down I'de bring you down with me. We'de burn in the wreckage like two star-crossed sinners. (As we die) Too young, too in love to die. I'm like your own James Dean.

Chorus: These bloody hands and burnt extremeties frame out a picture of you and me. (I'll hold your hand as our plane crashes down) This may be trite but this keeps me up all night clawing at the sheets. The place where he used to be.

Verse 2: My porcelain heart is yours for the taking. (Cause what you need is some action) Looking in your eyes I see that yours is breaking. (You can't love someone without a connection) I know what I'll do, fall into love with you and then we'll both go down in a rain of smoke and fire.

Chorus x1

Breakdown x2:We'll both go down inside this ship. I'll hold your hand. I'll pray for this.

Build up: What you need is new routines. What I need is room to breathe.

Outro: We'll both go down (In this plane crash) inside this ship. (theres nothing left) I'll hold your hand. (Its all done) I'll pray for this. (All done)

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