Paroles My Home Sweet Homicide de Wednesday 13

Wednesday 13
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  • Artiste: Wednesday 138070
  • Chanson: My Home Sweet Homicide
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Textes et Paroles de My Home Sweet Homicide

I've got nothing to lose that's why I'm with you,
My X-Ray Glasses don't lie, and the best thing about our future is knowing that I'm going to die,
It's a simple mistake that everyone could make,
And I guess I won the grand prize,
A life time supply of misery,
My Home Sweet Homicide,
And I'm so love sick, sick of you,
I guess I'll se you in hell,
but I'm sure you'd ruin that too,

You'll be the Death of me, Baby your my home sweet homicide,
You'll be the Death of me, Baby your my home sweet homicide.

Your the reason why I never tried, Your the biggest star in your own mind,
No anti-dote, it's a fucking joke, and I'll never get out alive,
Now on the count of 3 won't you bury me, close the casket and say good bye, and it's ashes to ashes, dust to dust, my home sweet homicide

You'll be the Death of me, Baby your my home sweet homicide,
You'll be the Death of me, Baby your my home sweet homicide

(Thanks to Steph for these lyrics)

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