Paroles Jagoff de Zebrahead

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  • Artiste: Zebrahead4442
  • Chanson: Jagoff
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Textes et Paroles de Jagoff

Hey, thanks for coming out tonight,
we, uh, much appreciate it.
Thanks a lot.
Well, I'm back again
You thought you got rid of me (What kid, what)
I talk too much and all I care about is me (What kid, what)
I'm back again
I'm here to waste my time and yours (What kid, what)
I just needed a couple bucks, or maybe more
So let me throw my two cents in then I'm out
Don't wanna screw around, cause you know I got
And I'll use it in another night, and abuse it
Pick up the bud, cause I gotta make this day last
Well I'm back again
I wonder why you're never home (What kid, what)
I call ten times then I guess you're not alone (What kid, what)
I'm back again
Some things I need to do (What kid, what)
I need to borrow you car I'll get it back by
Second time through
I mean, dude, you in the way
Everything's that, cause everything's okay
Right, here comes the plight
In another day in the back and I just said, well
One, Two, Three, Go (J-oh)
Say, kid, where you runnin off to?
I know you want me can't live without me
Hey, kid, where you runnin off to
I know you want me can't live with out me
Hey, kid, where you runnin off to
I know you want me and you'll come back again
Break it down

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