Paroles Suicide de Aphses

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  • Artiste: Aphses44593
  • Chanson: Suicide
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Textes et Paroles de Suicide

Problems in my soul
lacerating my mind
in this world
where death and violence
pray all the time
I'm in this suicide
supporting one
of this cranial death
I'm in this suicide
People die!!!
my body is contaminated
of all of this sickness life
in this superfual world
where the money and
power control all minds
economy disaster
disaster of death
is only in my soul
before all this and more
I see my life so down
what's this shit in my world
i'm a crazy man
I hate this carnal life
Stupid ideology I see
Terror infect my voice
Cut this life of me
I'm going to suicide
Walk, walk is my way
in this send of life
personality is my weapon
and some day you lose
theater of pain
conform this society
apparent another thing
that is what you are
but never
part of this society
chaos to eternity
is in this earth
no more fun
in this life
I'm in this suicide
I'm going to suicide

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