Paroles R.A.F. Squadron 311 de Arakain

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  • Artiste: Arakain44928
  • Chanson: R.A.F. Squadron 311
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Textes et Paroles de R.A.F. Squadron 311

Cold air which tries to strike contours of bombers
it's suiting now to feel breath of this night
vibrating scared wings put on their shoulders
part of an easiness for the next fight

So here they are
ready for nightflight who
will be back whose will be
the funeral bombs on the
board they're passing
highcloud afraid of flak
so real and dangerous

The worsed what can be now - enemy lighters
front shooter cries so laud: "Aim within sight!"
throw off your deadly load, keep the correct
course escaping carefully, chased by the lights

So here they are ...
Still turning circles

R.A.F. Sguadron 311
strangers lighting for human rights;
Czechs and British all together they
were willing to be sacrifised for peace
and new world's rise

Cold air which tries to strike ...

So here they are

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