Paroles Under 1 000 000 Degrees Below Zero de Blackdeath

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  • Artiste: Blackdeath32540
  • Chanson: Under 1 000 000 Degrees Below Zero
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Textes et Paroles de Under 1 000 000 Degrees Below Zero

The Creator forgot this place
Maybe he never knew it even
Over the Fire, below the Cold
Out of the Universe


Without the south, without the north
Pole of the Abyss
Without the colours, without the sounds
Grave of the light

Icily again! Fucking icily!
Into the frozen eternity!

It's horror for each of the stars
so fucking cold for light and fire
the atom vanished, the matter doesn't exist
the hardened thoughts of the icy god
wait for me
my hell will be cold

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