Paroles Incinerated Faithful de Drawn And Quartered

Drawn And Quartered
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  • Artiste: Drawn And Quartered33019
  • Chanson: Incinerated Faithful
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Textes et Paroles de Incinerated Faithful

Rapture didn't come for you
So anxiously awaited
Nights spent in your coffins
Waiting to be taken
Earthly lives of no use
In the shadow of Armageddon
So eager for the promised lies
Led to your destruction

Doomed to be led - Like sheep to their end

Gather in your house of weakness
Welcoming the end of days
Insanity spills from your lips
As your church is set ablaze
Skyward cries asphyxiated
Clothes burn to your flesh
Consumed now in horrific pain
Only flames ascend

Succumb to your disease
Burning corpses on their knees

Bringer of apocalypse
Funeral pyre of holy flesh
Cremated deliverance
Incinerated faithful

Fire consumes your dreams of here after
Ignorant to the end
Burning in the hell you fear
You have been forsaken

Flesh is Melting - Flames are rising
Congregation - Immolated
What once was yours
I now have taken

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