Paroles Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained de Gatti-Vision

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  • Artiste: Gatti-Vision17343
  • Chanson: Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained
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Textes et Paroles de Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

Time waits for no man, got to keep on roamin'
When everything's timeworn, need to be reborn...

No cause to doubt you, but life goes on without you
Deadline's approaching, someone else encroaching...

On your life, it's slipping away
In every year, in every day
Regret and the pain is haunting the brain
Nothing ventured, nothing gained...

Trapped by four walls, waiting for phone calls
Put it off so long now, you'll never know how...

The possibilities lost, the opportunity cost
Then look ahead to a shortening thread
And a stone that is covered in moss

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