Paroles Demonic Dreams de Graveworm

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  • Artiste: Graveworm9685
  • Chanson: Demonic Dreams
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Textes et Paroles de Demonic Dreams

Invoking the dark and the moon of the night
Summoning the beast, forgotten tales
The angels slained the shades of life
As they spread the wings of death
Screamings of fear destroyed my faith
Howling beasts, crimson tears
Ravens cries in the shadows of night
The lightning strikes from the cloudless sky

Alone in the forest of dusk I ride
Without one path where I could go
A place of ancient splendour rise
Darkness falls upon my face

As creature as shadows once roaming that place
Death lying waiting for my soul
Deep in the shadows of night
She worshiped books for demonic dreams

Deeper and deeper as light was gone
Feel embracement of the dark
At this point of time I know
Prisoned in demonic dreams

Deeper and deeper as light was gone
Feel embracement of the dark
At this point of time I know
Prisoned in demonic dreams

As I arrived on the ruined tomb
Centuries of dusk marching side by side
Bleeding shadows of thy shrine
The forest whispers laments for me
Painfull screams devours my mind
Serenades of angel tears
Falling down from the bloodred sky

A vouce of destruction is calling to me
In my dream I summon the beast

Just like the rain an october night
The sun has stopped shining light
Just like a withering flower
Slowly - fading away

An eternal landscape of ashes and dust
Dead birds are faling from the sky
The place that you've named paradise
Emptiness what I can feel

The rain that falls tast like blood
The arrive of the black northern sky
And the angel rape my soul
Forgotten in demonic dreams

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