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Lucky Guess
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  • Artiste: Lucky Guess26199
  • Chanson: What Can I Do?
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Textes et Paroles de What Can I Do?

Verse 1
Another day at the works
another day to fail
I'm coming home again
cause i cant seem to prevail
and once I'm back
I lose myself in the essence
of my own house
its scary how you have no presence

but i know your there
and you know i'm scared
and you know i've been like this
for a long long time
but you dont care enough
to ask if i'm alright

flashes in the edge of my mind
holding steady
breaking down my design
if i forgot to tell
i'm going crazy
then why dont you just yell
your not helping me any

Verse 2
Another day to die
another day to escape
I've decided i've had enough
But it migth be too late
and once I bring up
The self confidence to do
I still have to leave you
but you remain to be seen around



Verse 3
I'm going now
stop me but you wont
and i'll stop thinking you care
because i know you dont
and if you could say on last thing to me
what would it be?
would it have value?
cause i'm sick of you
yet i dont wanna go
and that you may know
kills me on the inside
but once again you dont care
would you even if i died
and based on the way you treat me
I may aswell commit suicide
and forget that you ever knew me
cause as much as it matters
you see right through me
and I dont care for this kind of life
so i'm going, and leaving tonight


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