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Nephenzy Chaos Order
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  • Chanson: Control
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Textes et Paroles de Control

I have seen my future,
Not much there to see.
Anger and betrayal,
Like it used to be.

I have lived my past,
Joyful ain't not the word.
Agony and wounds,
Like it always is.

Have you seen my death?
A pleasant thing to watch.
Watch me as I cum.
Pure black disease

I have crossed an ocean,
Of misery and blood.
Soulless fucking creatures,
Drowning there with me.

Oh I loath you, humanity.
You're nothing worth to me,
Cause I have seen your future
And I will not shed a tear.

You bled for your faith,
Now bleed for your lies.
Cause I have seen your future.
Millions of your people,
Dying there for me

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