Paroles Pure Black Disease de Nephenzy Chaos Order

Nephenzy Chaos Order
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  • Chanson: Pure Black Disease
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Textes et Paroles de Pure Black Disease

How does it feel to be dead inside?
How does it feel to have nothing but pain?
Kneel to your lust and make it go away.

I will show you the way!
The only true way
So come here
And receive my gift.

Pure black disease
I give to the world.
Pure black disease
Oblivion, my friend.
Pure black disease
I am the way.

If you ask me what I feel for this world
My answer will be remorse.
Remorse, because I could not end it until now.
The fruit of my labor is what you get.
I am the Purifier, your last sight of humanity.

Now my mission soon will end
Because my visions spread like aids,
I am fucking your precious world
Giving you my sickness and joy.

Pure black disease
I give to the world.
Pure black disease
Oblivion, my friend.
Pure black disease
I am the way.

Completed it is,
My pure black disease,
And you will exist
In dust and painful memories.

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