Paroles Mental Aggression de Nephenzy Chaos Order

Nephenzy Chaos Order
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  • Chanson: Mental Aggression
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Textes et Paroles de Mental Aggression

In the realms of time,
I can devastate your mind,
Rape your fucking soul
And all that it beholds.

In your mind I will find nothing,
Nothing but joy.
But when I'm done,
The only thing you will feel is pain.

Drifting in between tears and laughter.
Wondering if this is for real?
Sane or insane?
Dream or reality?
I will kill again.

Mental aggression - assassin

This is what you feel.
Burning from beneath.
Through your holy shape.
Benighted by my breath.
I shall drain your memory.
In blasphemy I reign.

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