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Textes et Paroles de Lose A Love

Yo baby, let's set the mood right
Don't ever leave, I don't wanna lose you

After so long and being with you (Say)
I can't explain how much I need you (Sayin)
You're always there, support all my needs
And anything I want, you give it to me (Sayin)

That's what you call love, L-O-V-E?
And my emotions on fire
I'm trying desperately to enter your heart.

1 - I don't wanna lose your love
It means so much to me
Gotta make sure that you stay
If I have to be the key
Can't imagine my life without the one that I need
Please don't leave me now, can you promise me?

See baby it's on, if you believe, yeah...
We can make it somehow, just you & me (Say)
Our time is here, let's not give it away (No)
Don't put off tomorrow, let's do this today
(Wanna do it, yeah)
With a friend you call love, L-O-V-E
My emotion's on fire
I'm trying desperately to enter your heart baby, whoa


Baby, yeah, yeah
I don't wanna lose your love
It means so much to me
When I'm home alone, on my darkest night
You're my shining starrrr, ooh

Don't wanna lose you...

[1: till end]

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