Paroles Alone de Stunt Monkey

Stunt Monkey
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  • Artiste: Stunt Monkey36082
  • Chanson: Alone
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Textes et Paroles de Alone

I'm having thoughts of you
And all the things we'll do
You and me will always be
Innocent and true

This thing that we have found
Is so deep and profound
I long to be just you and me
With no one else around

Now I wanna be alone
Shut my door and kill the phone
Now I wanna be alone
I've set the tone
Gotta finish while there's no one home

And I don't know your name
You always look the same
You looked at me so silently
Although you're not to blame

And they won't understand
This thing was never planned
I never knew that I'd find you
Inside of my nightstand

Now turn out the lights
Pages turning, pages turning
Each and every night
Stomach churning, stomach churning
While they're still at work
Feel it burning, feel it burning
I feel like a jerk
Gotta finish while there's no one home

It was an awful day
When you were thrown away
The garbage man looked in the can
And saw you on display

Although you've gone away
I miss you everyday
I won't forget the day we met
And how we used to play

But I still think of you
Girl on page thirty-two
I've got the next issue
What do I do?

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