Paroles Loftets Grand / New Year Outro de The All New Adventures Of Us

The All New Adventures Of Us
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  • Artiste: The All New Adventures Of Us38472
  • Chanson: Loftets Grand / New Year Outro
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Textes et Paroles de Loftets Grand / New Year Outro

Follow the 'T's home
Watch them become 'M's, blue
Three then two then
One white line relieves these fighting eyes
So rest a while, enjoy the view
You look like you need it

Coffee circles on napkins are always asking for
A curve and two small 'x's,
In a tired attempt to make waitresses smile
In late-night service stations
I always try but it never seems to work
Whilst in the corner a truck driver eats his meal
And stares at the badly tuned television
On which the BBC never looked so good

"Sleep tight", she said
And runs her fingers through his hair
"We've arms for pillows
And well, if smiles are night lights
Then why's it always dark inside... here?"

She wipes the table down
And slowly tilts her head towards the glass,
She catches eyes with the street-sleeper in the carpark,
He's drawing figure-8s with his feet in the snow
And smirking to himself
As if to say "I know something you don't"
He starts mouthing words through the window

And it says "Child, sure you can tell the future
The minute it becomes the past
Oh God, you're clever",
"Well that roof means nothing
'Cause we all still die alone"

We're all homeless
Sometimes we all feel homeless

Is there no hope?

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