Paroles Papering The Cracks de Tokyo Blade

Tokyo Blade
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  • Artiste: Tokyo Blade6037
  • Chanson: Papering The Cracks
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Textes et Paroles de Papering The Cracks


The man is on the TV., in the papers, on the radio
Telling me that things are fine, well his world ain't the same as mine
Everyone you know and love is on the unemployment line
Its a price worth [paying
Do you think he would take their place
Keep papering the cracks
Too scared to venture out into a world that they once fought to free
The old folks lock themselves away, afraid to step outside the door
Can't let the kids out of your sight, ain't safe to walk the streets at night
Cant be the things you want to be, and things ain't what they ought to be
Keep papering the cracks

We trusted you, you drank the wine

You've got to make a stand, cant keep washing your hands
But you ain't got a plan, just keep papering the cracks
Champagne serenade, you dance and say we've got it made
You're singing us a loony tune, you just keep papering the cracks

What do you do, what do you say, you tell us there's no better way
Move in a little closer then you hit us with a sucker punch
Fighting wars that cant be won, screaming hordes, champagne l'amour
We're trampled in the dust and our dreams have all been turned to rust
Keep papering the cracks
Cant stop the world you cant get off, acid rain and acid tongues
Polluted air, polluted minds, no-one cares and that's the crime
Who's the hero, who's the villain, who is who, who the hell are you and I
It ain't too late, we gotta keep the faith, but you keep papering the cracks

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