Paroles Writhing de A Breath Before Surfacing

A Breath Before Surfacing
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  • Artiste: A Breath Before Surfacing40537
  • Chanson: Writhing
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Textes et Paroles de Writhing

A stain on existence they're forcing their way
As we all sit idly we participate in all these lies and deceit
We can't believe a goddamn thing
They claim to help us, they'll say it's for the better
Conveying to serve our interests while only serving to disgust
Another serpent disguised in a suit
We've got to burn it to the ground and expose the roots
In all these lies and deceit
We can't believe a goddamn thing
We've got to punish those who filter the truth
All fabricators shall be cleansed in flame
Repent - don't fall for their tricks
The only way to be free of such hypocrisy
Ingrained within
Our only form of solace comes from writhing in sin
We'll dig our way out of this grave
For too long now we've been buried in shit
This twisting blade has been thrust in our backs
It digs into the spine forcing the population to our knees
Faltering, excised of our autonomy
How long will we steady our hands before taking it back?
Vicious, we will bring down your reign
Grey matter, paint the walls with their disease
Sever forked tongues from toothless smiles
We will never swallow our pride
Nor swallow this rubbish we've been fed

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