Paroles Calvin's Hard Lemonade de Chief Chinchilla

Chief Chinchilla
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  • Artiste: Chief Chinchilla47059
  • Chanson: Calvin's Hard Lemonade
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Textes et Paroles de Calvin's Hard Lemonade

(feat. Breeze Brewin (of The Juggaknots))

[scratched] "Ay man whassup? What'chu got on a 40 ounce? "
"Let's go get a 8 Ball. (Nahhh.)"

[Chief Chinchilla:]
Nahh I ain't fuckin with no beer cousin
Last time I did that my soldier wouldn't stand up when it was time to go to war
I need somethin with, some supplements
You know, to help me in that area, but with a little bit of kick
You got anything like that?
(Yeah, I got you)

[Breezly Brewin:]
Bust it, you're tryin to crush, wanna step it up from the shallow brush
Wanna chill, all that poppin pills and you're kind of a lush
Calvin's, do your wild thing with some Lemonades
Plus c'mon y'all, Mike's Hard sound hella gay
Tryin to please others you playin with sex that ain't pop
Want your wife on her knees, bringin the dance to St. Jock?
That's my word kid, you best to be more firm
And think about your worm when you're 'bout to bag another sperm killer

[Chief Chinchilla:] Say nigga, what'chu drinkin?
[Breezly Brewin:] Lemonade
[Chief Chinchilla:] That shit gives you a buzz too?
[Breezly Brewin:] Lemonade
[Chief Chinchilla:] And it helps keep yo' shit hard?
[Breezly Brewin:] Lemonade
[Chief Chinchilla:] No ginseng, no hemp B?
[Breezly Brewin:] Lemonade
[Chief Chinchilla:] In a 40, in a can too?
[Breezly Brewin:] Lemonade
[Chief Chinchilla:] And it tastes like Country Time?
[Breezly Brewin:] Lemonade

[Chief Chinchilla:]
Need a buzz and a boost when it's time to get laid?
Drink (Calvin's Hard Lemonade)

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