Paroles Callin' Earl de Chief Chinchilla

Chief Chinchilla
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  • Artiste: Chief Chinchilla47059
  • Chanson: Callin' Earl
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Textes et Paroles de Callin' Earl

[phone ringing]
[G'maC:] Hello?
[Chief:] Hello can I speak to Earl?
[G'maC:] Nobody named Earl live here; wrong number
[Chief:] Grandma?
[G'maC:] Calvin... is that you?
[Chief:] Grandma!
[G'maC:] Nigga~! Bring yo' butt home
[Chief:] Yo Grandma I'll call you back [click]
[Chief:] I gotta call Earl first


[Chief Chinchilla:]
I swear to God I ain't never gon' drink
Just as long as I live
Fuck fuckin 40's, fuck all that shit

Whew, ahh, damn, what time the liquor sto' close?
Go get me another 40 or somethin, shit!

Drunk last night
And drunk the night before
I'm gonna get drunk tonight
Like I never got drunk before! [echoes]

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