Paroles Hillbilly Beer de Chief Chinchilla

Chief Chinchilla
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  • Chanson: Hillbilly Beer
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Textes et Paroles de Hillbilly Beer

(feat. Jethro The Rappin Redneck)

[Jethro the Rappin' Redneck:]
Yes uhh, welcome back to uhh
What the fuck is the name of the show again? (YEE-HAW~!)
Yeh okay, welcome back to The Yee-Haw Album
My name is Cuddin' Jethro Calhoun
Your friendly radio deejay and host
And today our special guest is Chief Chinchilla
This nigg-err I mean this brother is from New York City
He's a Northern boy
He's down here promotin his malt liquor jingles LP
But we have to let him KNOW, that we have our own beer down here
Yes we do it's called Hillbilly Beer, yes it is

[Chief Chinchilla:]
Hillbilly Beer! The fuck? !

[Jethro the Rappin' Redneck:]
Let me tell you about it (YEE-HAW~!)

Hey Chief Chinchilla, dolo bird killer
I'm a boss hog and I don't drink Miller
But everytime, I roll through the South
I gotta put a Hillbilly Beer to my mouth
Go to a hoedown and make a hoe go down
Put frostin on my dick and put the 40 to my lips
And sip... my Hillbilly Beer
Cause ain't no fuckin St. Ides around here

Boss Hog go tell Daisy Dukes get her big titty ass in here
And bring me my fuckin beer BITCH!

[Chief Chinchilla:] Why y'all be drinkin that Hillbilly Beer?
[Jethro R.Redneck:] Cause they don't got no niggaz 'round here
[Chief Chinchilla:] Man why y'all be drinkin that Hillbilly Beer?
[Jethro R.Redneck:] Cause we don't like 50 Cent around here
[Chief Chinchilla:] Yo why y'all be drinkin that Hillbilly Beer?
[Jethro R.Redneck:] Cause we don't like Obama'round here

[Chief Chinchilla:]
Alright I had about enough of this redneck shit
I'm a get the fuck outta here 'fore I get shot

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