Paroles M.a.d.f.u Message de Chief Chinchilla

Chief Chinchilla
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  • Chanson: M.a.d.f.u Message
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Textes et Paroles de M.a.d.f.u Message

[clears throat] Mhmm, yeah
Speakin of throwin up in the car
This PSA is brought to you by...

That's Motherfuckers Against Driving Fucked Up~!
They agreed to sponsor this album
So long as we put in this little bit of information
So we, complied
Yo, all y'all 40 guzzlers out there takin 'em to the head
Stop drivin drunk
DWI's kill more people per yer than you think
Most of 'em innocent
So when you gettin to' up from the flo' up
Just find a corner and throw up
And just stay there 'til your ass sober up
Y'knahmean? Or take the SEPTA, the BART
The T, the L.I. double R, the CTA, the MTA
Whatever the fuck comes to your city
Catch a cab, call a prostitute
Give your man the keys or whatever
But just don't be stupid and drive drunk
Got anything you want to add to this Chief?

[Chief Chinchilla:]
Nah that was on point
I got one question though


[Chief Chinchilla:]
Can I have my beer back now?

Man shut the fuck up!

[fighting sounds, Chinchilla screaming]

"Man you better get your salaikum salaam ass up off this box and pass me a muh'fuckin brew"

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